The History of BC-Racing:

BC-Racing was founded back in 1999 in Nantou, Taiwan, with the first BC-Racing coilover to debut in Taiwan in 2003, which was then made available worldwide in 2004.


In 2010 BC-Racing launched their first 2pc forged wheel range and has continued to grow that range which now boasts a huge range of both monoblock and modular designs in an array of colours and styles.


BC-Racing was first introduced to Australia back in June 2009 and since then has since become a household name when it comes to coilover suspension. BC-Racing Australia is proud to employ a full-time team of experienced professionals to assist with sales, tech, research & development, marketing, warehousing, and custom-built kits.

Products/Services BC-Racing Provides:

BC-Racing is one of Australia’s largest retailers of custom and off-the-shelf automotive coilover suspension systems, with a catalogue of over one thousand coilovers to choose from online and over 200 coilover series available in-store for immediate dispatch or pick up.


BC-Racing Coilover installations can be offered with a professional four-wheel alignment from $440.00. To find out more information and to book your car in for an installation please call our workshop on 02 9545 0532.